The two beautiful Mexican models have occupations in which they coincide and the others are completely different, in terms of Photos have succeeded in pampering their fans through their content, just as Aleida Nunez has done it with images that make you sigh.

Celia Lora, famous only daughter of Álex Lora, the vocalist of the Spanish rock group El Tri, usually shares content for adults, for a couple of years she launched a exclusive content page and Aleida Núñez decided to do the same, the two share this same profession as Internet models.

Almost a day after publishing this image, the beautiful singer and actress appears on Instagram wearing an unusual outfit, at the top what immediately catches the eye is a huge black heart which completely covers her superior charms.

Aleida invites her fans to see the content she posted on her page specially prepared for her followers, on Instagram she currently has 3.9 million followers, a small figure compared to Celia Lora who has 10.4 million respectively.

in post Aleida Nunez gives credit to the entire team that participated in said photoshoot both the wardrobe, obviously the photographer’s hairstyle and also the production team, an action that is continuous between her Instagram content, also highlighting the work of those who collaborate with her.

I love you with all my being, with all my heart and all my soul,” one fan commented.

When you open the Aleidavip page you will see in the background some micro videos of the beautiful artist and celebrity of Mexican soap operas, the first thing you can see in the window to enter is the username and password, for which you must subscribe first, the same thing happens with that of the beautiful Cela Lora.

Surely, in addition to finding the photos of the session she shared on Instagram, it would not be a surprise to know that there will also be some videos of the flirtatious interpreter of “Don’t mess with my cucu”, originally from Lagos de Morelos.

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