The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, described this Tuesday as an “insane act” and “provocation” to China the visit of the president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan.

“This step that they have taken today, which we have condemned, is an act that has no other qualification than an insane act by those who feel that the empire is collapsing,” Ortega said in an official act on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Nicaraguan Air Force.

“It is an insane act typical of the Hitlers, who feel that they are the empire and then seek to strengthen their positions, launching themselves to challenge China, to invade,” he valued.

In the opinion of the Sandinista leader, “what is clearly seen is the crazy attitude” of the United States, “where we see them launching aggression against the People’s Republic of China.”

“In an act of madness. They launch themselves against the People’s Republic of China simply because it is a power that is growing, without harming anyone and they launch a challenge, a provocation,” he continued.

Ortega considered that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is “an arrogant attitude, an act of invasion” by the United States, which, he said, ignores “the resolutions that were taken in the United Nations, where they agreed the existence of a single China”.

He insisted that it is “an act of arrogance” and that Washington seeks to “reaffirm that they continue to be the hegemonic power” in the world.

However, according to the Nicaraguan president, deep down the US shows weakness because “it is losing its hegemony.”

“A new order is being born in the world that buries imperialism, buries the colonialists, and opens the way to a democracy of nations, a multilateralism that is manifesting itself in different ways,” he said.

Faced with this scenario, Ortega said he saw “US imperialism trying to maintain its hegemony at all costs, even at the risk of sinking its own economy,” that of the European Union, and of “liquidating” NATO.

“In the arrogant attitude of feeling that they can still maintain their hegemony, that they can defend their hegemony, what they are doing is sinking themselves and causing great harm to the American people,” he added.


Likewise, the former Sandinista guerrilla criticized “all the sanctions that (the US) has imposed on Russia, which is waging a just war against fascism, against Nazism, which is entrenched in the power of the coup plotters in Ukraine.”

“The multiple decisions that they have made to try to destroy Russia, and also aim to destroy the People’s Republic of China, because they see them as the two great powers that are surpassing them in terms of development, science and technology and they have gone against Russia and there is Russia fighting fascism,” he said.

Therefore, according to Ortega, “here a new world is being formed, a new world is being born and that new world is going to be a democratic world, where there will be respect between nations, cooperation between nations, in which there will be no threats between nations” .

“That world is already being forged and that is the world that is going to bring peace and stability to humanity,” he added.

Nicaragua is an ally of Russia and reestablished diplomatic relations with China last December, to the detriment of Taiwan, which Beijing considers a rebellious province.

Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday on an unannounced visit that has exacerbated tensions between the United States and China, which sees the trip as a provocation to which it has responded by showing military muscle and imposing sanctions on imports from the island.

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