There are many who think that Jorge Javier Vázquez spent a lot of time describing the relationship of Canales Rivera and Alba Carrillo as “follamigos”. A word that the bullfighter considers insulting and that the television collaborator has been bothered by hers.

If there is something more than a good friendship between this television couple, it will be seen over time. Day by day, the two deny the older and they insist that they are just friends, well matched.

It will be that in the times that well-matched friends run, eat, kiss, in the middle of the street. Nice way to declare feelings.

But the bad tongues already tell that Alba Carrillo is incapable of being alone, no matter how much she airs to the four winds that she is happy being single and without compromise.

By the way, other than feeling upset by gossip is the recently separated Christian Gálvez, from whom it has been said that he had a flirt with Alba herself at the Telecinco facilities, when he was still attached to Almudena Cid.

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