The actress Silvia Pinal, 90, had to be hospitalized in an emergency at the Médica Sur hospital, in Mexico City, after complications derived from COVID-19. Her health is stable, as confirmed by Alejandra Guzmán.

During an interview with the program “Venga la Alegría”, the Mexican singer reported that the actress was admitted to the hospital for hypotension in addition to a heart rate lower than normal, later she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

So far it is known that ‘La Diva de México’ is in the COVID-19 area of ​​the hospital where she is treated and, according to her family, the corresponding tests are being carried out to determine her treatment.

Silvia Pasquel, daughter of the first actress, spoke in the “Breakfast and Gossip” section of the “Hoy” program and reported details about Pinal’s health.

Yesterday the nurse reported to us that her blood pressure was very high and from there they gave her a medication that had the opposite effect that lowered her pressure. In the conversation he had with a cardiologist that he had at that time, he said that an electrocardiogram had to be done to see the possibility of putting a catheter in order to stabilize his heart rhythm. Then we decided to take her to the hospital,” Silvia Pasquel stated.

“At night when we arrived, my mother was in intensive care and then they transferred her to a room. As always, she was very spirited, very joking and that was when they told us that the covid-19 test had been positive” Pasquel added.

It should be noted that the family of the experienced actress is calm, since Pinal’s signs are stable and she is conscious. In addition, Silvia Pinal has complete vaccines for COVID-19.

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