On October 18, the death of Concha Márquez Piquer left her husband, Ramiro Oliveros, sunk in grief. The marriage was going to meet forty years of relationship sentimental seamless on December 31, the same date on which the singer would celebrate his 76 years of life.

“I’m more or less well, well, at least calm. There is no choice but to assume reality. And I’m going to run from one moment to the next, we have no other choice.”

A flight forward?

I want to say that I’m not for celebrations, it’s easy to understand, right?

Don’t you like Christmas?

I have never liked these parties. Neither me nor my wife Concha.

I remember that every year they left Spain and went on a trip before Christmas Eve and did not return until mid-January.

Indeed. We were traveling abroad, to Thailand, New York. London. Always out of here. Christmas is silly, many celebrate it as an obligation.

And this year will he go too?

No, I will stay in Madrid with my daughter Iris.

Is she your best support in these moments so hard.

The best, my daughter is a wonderful woman who is supporting me a lot.

The last time we saw him at a social event was on November 12, when he went with Iris and Conchitín, the daughter of Concha and Curro Romero, to the premiere of the show «In strange land», in which the singer Diana Navarro gets involved. in the skin of Dona Concha Piquer, Ramiro’s mother-in-law.

Are you still living in the Somosaguas family home?

I’m still here. Every corner brings me a good memory of those almost forty years of happiness with Concha.

Are there any in particular?

One? No, many. And I am reasoning and enjoying them …

I notice him more optimistic than when I called him to offer my condolences… It’s a good sign.

I just had two drinks, ha ha ha. Well, seriously, yeah, I’m better. Slowly.

It would not be a bad idea for him to write a book about his life and anecdotes with Concha.

My wife has already published your memoirs, I remember you were there when they were presented.

Well now, yours.

I have written something, but now I don’t want to write more. We will see in the future. If I make up my mind, I’ll let you know.

In Concha’s will, two large houses, one in the exclusive Somosaguas urbanization, and the other in the heart of Paseo de la Castellana: “The first was left by my wife to our daughter Iris, and the second to Conchitín.”

On December 31, he would have completed almost 40 years of happy marriage with his wife …

That day was very special for both of them, because it is also Concha’s birthday. In 1982 we celebrated our civil marriage bond. It was the end of the year and we got married in court, with such bad luck that we both caught a bad cold …

There was no religious wedding. Although Ramiro has recognized that “I am not a fan of the Church,” it was Concha’s religious convictions that prevented the singer from twisting her arm and facilitating the annulment of Curro Romero, so that the bullfighter could marry his current partner, Carmen Tello, at the altar.

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