The Bogota singer and actress Aura Cristina Geithne, through stories on her Instagram account, invited her followers to meet and enjoy her content on the OnlyFans platform, since a few days ago she opened a profile on this social network.

In addition, she published an image on her Instagram profile in which she wrote “A look, a smile, your skin seduces and falls in love. Today is the day. Accompany me. OnlyFans. A great adventure begins. Magic Tuesday, I’ll wait for you ”, referring to what can be found on this platform.

This publication left the videos aside and shared two images where she was shown wearing a black lingerie in what would be a bathroom, accompanied by several candles and a bottle of wine. What’s more, Aura Cristina Geithner declined to show her curves and thus make more than one fall in love. So far this post has more than 56,000 ‘likes’ and almost 2,000 comments.

In this way, she made it official and confirmed that she is a new user on this platform that has been gaining strength over the days and where there are already several Colombian public figures uploading exclusive content.

For some time now, Geithner has been more involved and active with her social networks, since there is no week that new content is missing. For example,s he started uploading videos dancing or posting Reels and Tik Tok’s more often.

The singer from the capital, who has been living in Mexico for several years, has both young and adult followers. Her fans live in surprise with how well the actress is preserved at 54 years old.

The model figure that she has has allowed her to show off her attributes and has constantly enchanted the almost 900,000 followers she has on her official Instagram account.

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