It is difficult to answer who is really the biggest or most important streamer in Germany. However, if you were to start a survey on this question, two names in particular should come to mind: Knossi and Montanablack.

Both have millions of followers on the streaming platform and are rightly considered the kings of Twitch Germany. In terms of media attention, neither of them take anything at all. Montanablack has the most fans on Twitch with over 3 million, while Knossi has the record for the most live viewers who switched on his stream at the same time.

Attendance record

With his fishing camp and a little later the horror camp, Knossi hosted the two largest streaming events of all last year. The latter broke the attendance record that Knossi himself set with the fishing camp.

At the absolute peak, 328,000 live viewers were present at the same time as the “horror camp” was broadcast. Knossi has thus increased the all-time viewer record on Twitch Germany. Not even a Montanablack could keep up with such numbers. At the beginning of 2020, it reached around 160,000 spectators in a dispute with a ban on dancing and Unge zum Peak.

Trymacs & Papaplatte

With this in mind, Knossi has put it clearly in his pocket and can rightly call himself the Twitch king. But is that still true? Because a few weeks ago Trymacs and Papaplatte teamed up and Knossi challenged his all-time record. The two met to unpack Pokemon packs from 1999.

Because the topic was currently in the hype, an incredible number of people were watching. If you add up the live viewers on the streams from Trymacs and Papaplatte, you get up 365,719 spectatorswho watched the peak at the same time. Both channels broadcast the same content because the video producers met in the same place.

However, this is also where the dispute lies. Because Trymacs had about 301,000 viewers on its stream. The rest watched Papaplatte. From a technical point of view, he did not break Knossi’s record because he only set his record with his own channel. On the other hand, one can argue that the viewers of Papaplatte would have watched the other stream if they hadn’t had the choice.

Here you can see the live viewers

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