Actor Antonio Ibáñez died at the age of 34: the heartbreaking farewell post

Actor Antonio Ibáñez died at the age of 34

In the last few hours, the sad news of the death of Antonio Ibanez. The Spanish actor, model and painter died at the age of 34, as a result of cancer with which he was diagnosed just over a year ago.

“I have fought with all my strength but I have not managed to win this battle. I really wanted to live and continue creating art. Even so, you will be able to see, feel and touch my purest energies in all my paintings. There you can lose yourself in my beautiful and generous soul”, communicated through their official social networks. And along with the posting, some photos of the actor, who was part of well-known series such as Aida y The ministry of time.

Despite his youth, Antonio already had a long journey in the artistic world. In his early days, he was a model for big brands and then he made a place for himself on television. His first major role was in fiction Myrtlewhere he played Santiago, and later other roles would follow in hits like The one that is coming In addition, it was recently seen in The Dancer, a dance reality show. Meanwhile, he was also passionate about painting, an art that he regularly showed in his profile on Instagramwhere he had almost 30 thousand followers.

It was in July of last year when Ibáñez reported that they had found a lymphoma. “Another stage in my life. A month ago, a liquid runs through my body to heal me. That uncertainty that you become friends with also grew; very different from the one that I, as an actor and painter, used to say was almost always with me ”, his text had begun. And he continued: “Fear, at first. Today I don’t have it anymore, maybe there will be some day that I do, I don’t know… Whatever I feel, I’ll let it be and I’ll hug it. Days go by and everything is calmer, at peace… controlled, I already know what this is about and what I’m facing. lymphoma”.

In that sense, he had told how his sensations were: “I got some nerves that ran through my body (they seemed endless) like when lightning or thunder crosses the sky. I almost pissed myself. Chemo. The images of the love of my life, my mom, my father, my sister, my friends, filming, painting in the studio, classmates, castings… They went through my head as if it were a trailer. I couldn’t hit “Skip Ad”. That kind of “selfishness” appeared why me; I guess normal in this process”.

“I had been learning to live in the now for some time, sometimes it is difficult, yes, but try it! All this reaffirms to me that in life things are as they are, they happen because they have to happen. Experiences prepare you for many things; for this one, for example, not so much!”, he had reflected. In any case, she had been hopeful: “But I am stronger than ever to face this and everything that comes, I feel very well! With courage, with an energy that has taken over even more of my body, mind and soul. Honestly, I didn’t need this to value everything I have, feel, want and enjoy in life. Still, I’m still learning.”

Finally, he had closed his extensive post with some heartfelt words: “Don’t take anything so seriously. Don’t leave him, I’ll call you tomorrow. Not that coffee. Not even the date you had weeks ago. If you feel like saying I love you, do it. What difference does it make! Go crazy for and with your dreams, take them to the extreme! Fight for them! We already know that the “no” is already there, so go ahead and take the dance away from us. Enjoy as if there were no tomorrow!”. “PD Include a + dose of LOVE in everything you do. Try it! You will tell me,” she added.

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