American visa: There would be 260 thousand work visas in the United States for the agricultural sector, says Esteban Moctezuma

American Visa: There would be 260 thousand work visas in the United States for the agricultural sector, says Esteban Moctezuma

This Tuesday the Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, reported that the country could benefit from 260,000 temporary work visas for workers in the agricultural sector, mainly. In turn, he mentioned that this was part of the agreements that were carried out during the work visit that it got President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his American counterpart, Joe Biden, held yesterday at the White House.

Increase the number of work visas

However, in a brief interview he had the ambassador at Dull-Washington International Airportbefore traveling to Mexico City, described the meeting between the presidents as very successful.

“There are two temporary work visas, one is called the H2A which is basically for agricultural workers and the H2B which is for many other jobs such as packersthe visas that are going to be given in a more agile way are the H2 and Mexico, it is an assumption that next year it will have around 260 thousand H2A visas”. pointed out, there will be an increase in the number of temporary work visas granted by the United States government, because there is an interest of the American government to increase them.

“In addition, it is proven that the temporary migrant worker it is a formula that benefits all parties because the temporary worker does not stay to live in the United Stateshis family does not stay in the United States, they return to their countries of origin and that is something important for the United States and for the worker, because they have their income, their job is insured And most importantly, he can return next year.” He pointed out that this formula will be the future of immigration policyand “this is something that also, Well, it has to be done so that next year it has the necessary budget within Congress,” he assured.

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