If we talk about the musical collaborations that Karol G has made during these first months of 2022, of course, we have to mention ‘MAMIII’; theme in conjunction with Becky G (Mexican-American singer). This song has sounded endlessly here and there among social networks, clubs, radio stations, in short. Now, these days the paisa reggaeton wanted to give her public another collaboration of hers, one that is called ‘A trip’.

Last April 7th was the date selected in the calendar for the launch of that song in which Jotaerre, Alejo and Moffa also sing.

“If I look into your eyes, I’m going on a trip. In the disco I notice it, that you are a savage. She asks for patches, she doesn’t want the blon, she wants to hang out and have a good time. A beautiful girl and she looks good, she is the richest of all the girls “, is what Karol G interprets as soon as the song sounds.

It is worth mentioning that, at least for the moment, the song was released without any music video. However, if we talk about its reproductions on YouTube, in the course of these hours the subject goes for the figure of more than 600 thousand.

On the other hand, on his Instagram account, Jotaerre gave an account of his satisfaction and joy at having worked musically with Karol G.

“We’re out with ‘A trip’, thank you all for your support, honestly this is a dream come true and it’s all thanks to your support. Thank you Moffa and Alejo for your brotherhood and love forever! We fucking succeeded!… and nothing more and nothing less thanks to the bichota Karol G, thank you for trusting in our talent and for giving us the opportunity to make history by your side!

In turn, the urban singer published a video in which the entire group is seen singing their song ‘A trip’.

It goes without saying that, contrary to Karol G, all the other singers who collaborate on this song – Jotaerre, Alejo and Moffa – are at the beginning of their respective careers and are Puerto Rican.

As a separate issue, previously Alejo has already made musical collaborations with Colombian singers, for example, Feid.The song they share is called ‘Pantysito’ and it was released last March with its respective music video.

‘A trip’ is heading to be a success:
From her Instagram Stories, Karol G has already shown that her collaborative song with these Puerto Rican colleagues is being very well received by the public, at least as reflected in iTunes. Among the trending songs on that list is also the aforementioned ‘MAMIII’.

“We are already #2 on iTunes, then,” the Colombian artist wrote about the shared image. In the same way, like all her other songs, there is no room for doubt that ‘Un viaje’ will also be successful everywhere.

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