Nintendo Switch Pro New Model

Nintendo Switch Pro: Speculation about a New Model, Analysts Cautious

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Nintendo is said to be working on a Switch Pro: Rumors have been circulating for many months through the vastness of the Internet. Whether the rumors will come true remains to be seen – the Mario Group has not yet commented on a new model of its current game console. Analysts are rather skeptical about a Nintendo Switch Pro. David Cole of DFC Intelligence told that while there is actually no speculation about unannounced products, “in this case, I am ready to point out that I think the release of a new switch model in 2021 is unlikely”. However, there could be a few tweaks for the current switch. But he couldn’t say whether they would be enough to sell the model as a Switch Pro.

According to the information, there are many reasons why Nintendo is in no hurry with a Switch Pro. “But I think the main reason is that it doesn’t make much sense from a business perspective,” added Cole. Big companies like Nintendo are constantly working on new products, hence the rumors. “The bottom line is that Nintendo doesn’t have to hurry to bring a new hardware product onto the market,” says the analyst. Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has also said that Nintendo does not currently need a new Switch model. (buy now 687.13 €)

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He told IGN that it would be a tight bet, but that Nintendo does not currently need a Switch Pro because the current models are selling well. According to Pachter, however, it is more likely that Nintendo will introduce a new model if the publisher lowers the prices of the current devices. In his opinion, a new switch variant is not expected to appear in 2021. He cites the high demand as a reason, for example: The Switch was sold out for a long time. “I think we’ll see a new model next year,” adds Pachter.

Serkan Toto of Kantan Games, on the other hand, believes in a new Switch model in the second half of 2021. “Four years after the original model was released, it is time to bring something new,” comments Toto. Nintendo wouldn’t compete directly with Sony or Microsoft, but they needed third-party support and had to make sure that the technical difference between the Switch and the next-gen consoles didn’t get too big – so that games could easily be ported in the future let. “I think the Switch Pro will be released along with a blockbuster title in the second half of the year,” adds Toto. We’ll keep you up to date in our news area.

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