Pellegrini: “Coudet will be in Spain for sure for many years”

Pellegrini: “Coudet will be in Spain for sure for many years”

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Manuel Pellegrini, Betis coach, appreciated the preview of Wednesday’s match against Celta and praised the celestial coach, Eduardo Coudet, whom he directed at River Plate: “I had the fortune to direct Coudet at River. He was a player of great dedication and leadership, it seemed to me that he was going to be a technician. He has already demonstrated his ability in South America, His arrival in Spain will do good for him and LaLiga, he is a coach with a great future who will be here for many years. He has a big mentality and that has been transmitted to Celta, he gives importance to his offensive concepts “.

“Now they lack Iago Aspas but they have high quality players. When Eduardo arrived, he changed significantly and now he has had worse results, it coincided with the lack of Aspas. Of course he should be missed at that level, but all teams have a roster and must supply it. Celta will surely achieve it “He added about the Galician team.

Betis improvement. “It has given me the feeling from the beginning that the team assimilated the idea, we started the championship well. Then there were things that reversed the results and now we resume a regularity, surely putting more emphasis on what was wrong. We must maintain the rebound in the Cup and in the League. Hopefully we can maintain individual performance and performance as a group. ”

Claudio Bravo injury. “He suffered a problem in the soleus, but not the front leg. It will be complicated and more tests are being carried out, we will see how long he is out. As we see him playing as a goalkeeper he has the ability to direct and order and if he has the As a coach, he has been able to learn from his career in big teams. You never know if you are going to be a team coach but you have conditions.

LaLiga Santander

Goalkeepers “It was not something we expected to have Claudio a time out and Dani Martín operated on his knee. We have Joel, Dani Rebollo and Carlos Marín, it is not easy to get a goalkeeper at this stage of the championship. It is a subject that we will analyze but not I think there is no change in the template. ”

Returns. “Joaquin, Miranda and Montoya are recovered now. They will be available and on the list for the game.”

Fekir. “There may be opinions as to whether he does better or not but he has our confidence. Perhaps if he had scored the penalty against Sevilla, he would have a different opinion. But he does a significant wear and tear and has a technical imbalance.”

European objective. “We only think about trying to win the next game. With Celta the first round ends, with 26 points it would be a normal first round that we would all try to improve. The objectives are as high as possible but there is a reality that must be addressed.”

Borja Iglesias. “Things have not turned out as he would like but I see him aware that he must improve and I do not see him with his arms down, he believes that he has the ability to reverse the situation. He will play according to his performance. As for exits, if there is an offer, it will be analyzed whether it is convenient to weaken the staff and how much it can be to bring in a new one “.

Bartra and Camarasa. “The parts must be given by the medical bodies. Marc has also had stomach problems and fever. Hopefully there is a favorable medical report.”

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