Violent attempted robbery in Burzaco: the victim yelled for help until the motorcycle jets fled

Violent attempted robbery in Burzaco: the victim yelled for help until the motorcycle jets fled

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The entire episode was recorded by the security camera of a house

A violent robbery attempt occurred in the town of Burzaco, Buenos Aires party of Almirante Brown, when two motorcycle jets wanted to assault a private security guard who, When threatened by the criminals, he began to run and shout for help until they left. The victim, identified as Gabriel, was able to get out of the situation unscathed despite being shot by the robbers before fleeing.

The entire episode was recorded by the security camera of a nearby house, which also captured the audio with the desperate calls for help.

The event occurred on Pablo Podestá street, between Ochoa and Rosich, after 22 last Monday, but it was only known this Thursday, when the video in question began to go viral on social networks. The recording clearly shows the moment when the assailants intercepted the man, who lives a few blocks from the place.

As seen in the footage, the guard was going to work and had only a backpack with him. At first he was walking down a little-traveled street, but when he noticed that two people were following him in a vehicle, he decided to go up to the sidewalk. However, the criminals cut him off and began to threaten him with a firearm.

It was then that the man decided to run to escape his attackers, He crossed to the opposite sidewalk and began shouting for help, while explaining to the assailants that he had nothing of value with him.

“I was walking to take the bus like many times. There were a lot of people here, in the area, because the night was beautiful. I passed a house where there were about 12 people celebrating a birthday and I saw the motorcycle go through the square, but I thought they were delivery men who now have to walk two by two because they also steal ”, he explained.

New fact of insecurity in the party of Almirante Brown (NA) 

However, when he made another three blocks, he realized what was happening: “I did not turn my head, but I heard they were coming back from afar and that made me climb onto the cordon as if looking for protection “, he pointed.

In dialogue with TNGabriel recalled that he “came out from within” trying to flee so that his belongings would not be taken from him. In addition, he said that while being chased by thieves, he took off his backpack and threw it into a neighbor’s house.

“When the motorcycle came straight ahead, I didn’t see that they were armed because it had the light (of the vehicle) hitting me in the face, that’s why I ran. When I crossed the street, already without the backpack, I touched my pants pockets, I told them I had nothing, I turned and saw that the one who was sitting in the back was pointing directly at me, “he said.

The man pointed out that, although the entire sequence lasted just a few seconds, for him it was “like 10 or 12 minutes, an eternity”, adding that “all he thought about” at that moment was his little daughter 5 years.

“When I was on the sidewalk and they were in the street, I saw that they were pointing at me until (one of them) shot me. They threw me and left. Then the neighborhood alarm began to sound and the neighbors came out. It also came out touching my back, my pockets, because the one in the back had pulled me. The noise that is heard is the final shot, ”he explained.


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