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An investigation released last Wednesday noted that the fossil remains found in 2012 at southwestern Argentina correspond to a 98 million-old sauropod. As reported DW, what is significant about the discovery is that its size could make it the largest dinosaur ever known.

The observed bones exceed 10% to 20% those of the Patagotitan swimsuit, which was the largest known to date. This one weighed about 70 tons, it measured about 40 centimeters and had a long neck, as stated by Alejandro Otero, researcher at the Vertebrate Paleontology Division of the La Plata Museum, in a report published by the Scientific Dissemination Agency of the National University of La Matanza (Ctys-UNLM).

“What was found so far are the first 24 vertebrae of the tail, elements of the pelvic girdle, of the pectoral girdle and remains continue under the rock, so we will continue with his rescue in future campaigns “said the expert in the magazine Cretaceous Research.

More accurate estimates

Still there are no long bones such as the humerus or femur, which are commonly used to make more accurate estimates of body mass. Despite this, he explained that “some comparisons with the Patagotitan swimsuit, for example with vertebrae and other elements of the waists, gives us that the bones of this animal are between 10 and 20% larger. “

The paleontologist José Luis Carballido highlighted the good condition in which the remains have been found: “The specimen is very good because it is practically articulated and we have more than half of the tail, lots of hipbones and obviously still in the rock, so we’re going to have a few more years of excavations. “

Novel discovery

For his part, the geologist Alberto Garrido, director of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Zapala, stressed the importance of discovery: “We suspect that the issue could be complete or almost complete. Everything will depend on how the excavations continue. But regardless of whether it is bigger or not, that a dinosaur of these dimensions appears articulated is something very novel “.

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