Video |  Muriel’s goal with which Atalanta tied in his visit to Udinese

Video | Muriel’s goal with which Atalanta tied in his visit to Udinese

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With the right foot he started the 2021 season for Colombian footballers in Italy, especially for the forwards.

The Atalanta de Bergamo, a club where Colombian forwards Luis Fernando Muriel and Duván Zapata are active, continues to be a benchmark in the top five teams to watch for the remainder of the season, this time, thanks to Muriel’s remarkable performance in helping her club recover from adverse scores.

In his last speech, Muriel was the protagonist in Atalanta’s 1-1 draw on his visit to Udinese.

The meeting between Udinese and Atalanta, which had previously had to be postponed, was held on Wednesday, January 20. The game, valid for date 10 of the Italian Serie A 2020/21, had Colombian striker Luis Fernando Muriel as one of the most outstanding players on the field, well He surprised again with an individual action inside the area to put his team in a game.

This is how the game was played

Udinese only needed 24 seconds to defeat Atalanta’s goal, protected by goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini. In an impressive action by Argentine midfielder Roberto Pereyra, the ball entered before the minute of play. Pereyra received a pass from Matteo Pessina and began a solo career from the right wing diagonally to the rival goal. Daring, opted to define the 1-0 match without a shot angle and hitting the ball with the outer edge of the shoe, a shot that the Negriazules defense could not foresee.

All the decisive actions took place within the first half of the game. At 11 minutes into the game, the scorer for the hosts received a yellow card for a foul committed. Meanwhile, there was a lot of parity and control of the game on the part of both teams, despite the fact that Udinese had the advantage in the result.

However, it was at minute 44 that the score for Atalanta could be broken and the actions equalized. It all happened after Udinese, highly withdrawn in the defensive back, he neglected an inside pass from Matteo Pessina that Muriel received totally alone.

After the reception, Muriel reacted to avoid opponents and beat defenders Kevin Bonifazi and Rodrigo Becão. Although the latter almost unbalanced him and took the ball away, the Colombian was favored and was left with the ball at his disposal to break the zero in the goal of Juan Musso.

Below the video of Muriel’s goal, which meant 1-1 of the match and in which reacted quickly with his two legs to avoid the marks and entrances of the rival defense:

With this great goal from Luis Fernando Muriel, Atalanta drew 1-1 in his visit to Udinese / (Courtesy: ESPN).

The game went to halftime with the score 1-1 and, facing the second half, his coach replaced him at minute 58 with the Colombian Duván Zapata. The coach Gian Piero Gasperini made three modifications at that moment of the game, but they did not take effect, as in the development of the second half, there were no major obvious options for either of the two teams to unbalance the tie.

Muriel had just scored on January 14, in the match in which his club beat Cagliari 3-1 for the round of 16 of the 2020/21 Italian Cup.

With this victory for Atalanta, the Bergamo team completed 18 games played by contesting the due date. In addition, it is sixth in the standings with 33 points, the same as Juventus, which has one game less.

For her part, Muriel continues to attract attention in Italy, as He is currently the top scorer for his team in the 2020/21 Serie A season.. With 11 touchdowns, he is the fifth top scorer in the league alongside players of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelo Lukaku, Ciro Inmobile and Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Now, the biggest challenge for Atalanta will be to face league leaders AC Milan as a visitor, a match that will take place on Saturday 23 January.


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