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Controversy of Jonathan the ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez

Minutes before the start of the game between Puebla and Blue Cross, Twitter users they leaked a video where a player from La Maquina Celeste appears drinking alcohol accompanied by other people enjoying a party in a small apartment. The video became controversial since the player involved is the forward Jonathan Javier Rodriguez known as “Cabecita” Rodríguez, one of the team’s scoring figures who did not start tonight and missed several chances on goal.

In the video you can see the Uruguayan soccer player talking with a woman, what is obvious is that wear the uniform with whom he goes out to train along with the rest of the team. A pans and a sweatshirt with the Cruz Azul crest were the elements with which they identified Rodríguez. The user @ r_agd7 was the first to write a tweet to boast that he was at a party with the player, however, as it became a trend, he canceled his account.

(Screenshot Twitter)

While on social networks they debated the actions of the “Cabecita” off the field, the Celestes could not beat the Puebla camoteros, with a score 1-0 the blues added their second defeat at the start of the Guardians Closing Tournament 2021.

In video press conference, Juan Reynoso, technical director of Cruz Azul, He spoke of Rodríguez’s condition since after presenting fatigue against Torreón, he could not recover for today’s game, it was the main reason why he did not start. When asked about the supposed party the player attended, the strategist replied that he did not know about the event because it does not have social networks. “It is difficult to comment on something that I have not seen. Until I see it, I’ll believe it, ”Reynoso said.

Cruz Azul's technical director, Juan Reynoso, said he does not know the alleged video where Rodríguez is observed drinking at a party. (Photo: Twitter / @CruzAzulCD)

Cruz Azul’s technical director, Juan Reynoso, said he does not know the alleged video where Rodríguez is observed drinking at a party. (Photo: Twitter / @CruzAzulCD) 

The opinion of the different Internet users who shared the video of the meeting They pointed out that it was an act of irresponsibility on the part of the club and the player. Some suggested that he should be sanctioned for not showing commitment to the institution, some even pointed out that he should have the same retaliation as some players of the Club Guadalajara for failing to comply with social distancing in the most critical months of the pandemic in Mexico.

Internet users took the opportunity to make memes of the player. (Screenshot / Twitter)

Internet users took the opportunity to make memes of the player. (Screenshot / Twitter) 

Others users took the news with a bit of humor, since they defended that the player wears the team’s colors in any place and circumstance. They made fun of the brief moment in which he is observed with a woman, some They said the footballer was flirting with the young woman, but the moment is so brief that more details cannot be appreciated.

Until now, the player has not come out to give any statement, so he remains distant from the controversy and after not scoring any goals in tonight’s match, the forward raised suspicions that his fatigue is due to the raw and awake at night and not because of a muscle injury issue.

(Screenshot Twitter)

(Screenshot Twitter) 

The club Blue Cross has been one of the teams of the Liga MX What major criticism he has received from his fans, after losing in the semifinal of the Guardians 2020 where the Pumas traced a score of four to zero and the initial two defeats of this tournament, the fans consider that the team is going through a bad streak that does not let them advance and that they will again be disappointed. Some fans even looked for the players’ hotel to yell rudely at them for their poor performance.

Before the start of the tournament, they had trouble getting their technical director, with the arrival of Reynoso, the Cruzazulinos thought it would be an opportunity to gain strength and win the championship.

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