The next season of Apex Legends will not introduce any new characters

The next season of Apex Legends will not introduce any new characters

The fans of the big battle royale From Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends has made a habit of getting a new playable character each season. The Legends roster has grown significantly over the years, but as we get closer to releasing the game’s next season, Respawn has announced that this one, known as Partyit will not bring a new character to the game.

Indeed, Respawn will take advantage of the season to reclassify the current Legend classes, which will now be five in number: Assault, Recon, Skirmish, Controller and Support.

As for what defines and differentiates the classes, Respawn said each will have a unique perk (which could be how a legend interacts with loot bins or revives teammates), and that in preparation for that reclassification system, there will be a number of balance changes to ensure each character fits the trait well. The dev diary below takes a look at this feature.

Otherwise, Apex Legends: Revelry will feature a Team Fight mode as part of the season, along with a new weapon called Nemesis. There will also be a list of rotating game modes, and to help new players get in on the Apex action, the early adopter experience is being overhauled.

Finally, during Revelry, we can expect the return of the Anniversary event, in which Respawn wants to celebrate the four years of Apex Legends.

As for the start date of the new season of Apex Legends: Revelry, it will be next February 14th.

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