5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See

5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See

A few years ago, a video game adaptation was something many wanted to skip. We all remember the horrible adaptations of Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, which were rather boring than bad.

However, it looks like the world of “live action” video game adaptations is changing for the better. The Last of Us, being so good and faithful, gives us hope that future adaptations won’t be as mediocre as in the past, at best, and that we can look forward to new adapted versions of our favorite games. . Several video game adaptations are currently in the works, but we’ve picked out some of the standout ones you should keep an eye out for.

The Horizon TV Series

We have known for a while that Netflix is ​​developing a series based on the post-apocalyptic universe of Horizon. The working title is Horizon 2074, although we don’t have an official confirmation yet. The series is still in a very early stage of development and we don’t know who will lead it, or if it will continue Aloy’s story or take another path.


Even though we don’t have Aloy’s knowledge quest in the Horizon TV series anymore, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. The world that Guerrilla has created for their post-apocalyptic series is very intriguing and leaves many moments in the air that could be explored in a TV series. For example, they could have produced an entire series on Earth before Gaia rebooted it to show us what the war against the machines was like. Or, so that it doesn’t look like Terminator, a Horizon series that introduces us to a character from another tribe, so that we know the culture in greater depth than in video games.

5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See

The God of War series

Apart from The Last of Us, one could say that the video game series that has us all waiting right now is Amazon’s adaptation of God of War. Due to the great reception Ragnarök has received, many people are hoping that the Amazon series can do it justice.


While they may already be scaring us by scrapping Kratos’ Greek story in favor of the Norse saga, we can’t help but be optimistic that Amazon will pull it off this time around. The God of War games have also given us some amazing cinematic experiences, so if Amazon really wants to screw it up, it’s going to be tough.

The cast of this adaptation has a huge weight on their shoulders, but with Sunny Suljic and Christopher Judge embroidering the characters of Atreus and Kratos respectively, who’s to blame fans for wanting this new stature adaptation?

5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video

While the God of War and Horizon adaptations are still years away, Amazon’s Fallout TV series will arrive this year. We have already seen many photos of the script which make us think that it will be a fairly faithful adaptation.

From Power Armor to the Super-Duper Mart, we’ve seen so much we can’t wait to see it. Additionally, this cast includes familiar faces like Walter Coggins, Ella Purnell, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Coggins will star in this Fallout series and will apparently play a ghoul. It’s very interesting to see a ghoul as a protagonist for the first time in the Fallout video games, so seeing one in the series means it will give us a new perspective on this hugely popular saga. Fingers crossed that even with these changes, it still feels like Fallout.

5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See

Super Mario Bros. : the film

Super Mario Bros. does not have a good history of adaptations of its video games. The 1993 film topped the list of worst video game movies, and even with the 2023 film’s release fast approaching, Chris Pratt is doing his best to destroy fan anticipation by putting on a muffled voice for Mario and showing complete disinterest in the role.

However, if we remove Pratt from the equation, Super Mario Bros. The Movie looks promising. With brilliant and dynamic animation from Illumination, Jack Black and Charlie Day playing Browser and Luigi to deliver good news, as well as an overall fun atmosphere that runs through all of the promotional content, this movie might not be a before. and an after movie. , but at least it looks like it will be entertaining. Considering the success of the Sonic and Detective Pikachu movies, there are times when just a little humor and some good visual effects are enough to have a good time.

5 Video Game Adaptations We All Want To See


The Borderlands movie was first announced way back in 2015. It seems like an eternity, but that doesn’t mean we’re not expecting something good. The Borderlands universe isn’t based on a single, cohesive story, like The Last of Us, but there are enough storylines to make for an interesting movie.

Plus, with Cate Blanchett in the lead, we’re making sure the movie at least has a good cast. Back then, we’d probably dismiss Borderlands as just a 5/10 action movie at best, but now we’re living in a different era where video game adaptations can be amazing. So while I don’t think the last two movies are the biggest hits, I can’t wait to see what they have to offer us.

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