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The Kremlin expresses its willingness to dialogue with USA as long as it does not cross “Red Lines”

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The Kremlin has made known this Sunday its interest in promoting dialogue with the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, although it has stressed that there are “red lines” that it should not cross, in veiled mention of any interference in the interests of Russia.

“By tradition, Russia advocates good relations with the United States and wants to treat them as a partner, no matter how unwilling they are to do so,” explained the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dimitri Peskov. “We expect a dialogue that will record the points of divergence, while we try to find the points of consensus,” he added.

“If the current administration of the United States is willing to apply a constructive approach, I have no doubt that our president (Vladimir Putin) will reciprocate,” said Peskov, before recalling that the country will not tolerate acts of “discourtesy”.

Peskov recalled that the first years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union were of “euphoria and anticipation of a honeymoon with the world’s greatest power,” in statements collected by the official Sputnik news agency.

The spokesman declared that that time that ended up being a period of servility is over. “We applauded this great power when it scrapped our submarines to make needles. Kneeling and solicitous, we brought it the wiretapping plans at the embassies, and so on. It is time to speak bluntly and call things by their names,” he concluded .

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