Boeing wants all its Planes to run on Sustainable Fuel by 2030

Boeing wants all its Planes to run on Sustainable Fuel by 2030

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Boeing is committed to making its planes more environmentally friendly over the next ten years: the avionics giant wants to make all its planes fly on sustainable fuel by 2030. This progress towards sustainable fuels is “the safest and most quantifiable solution to reduce carbon emissions from aviation in the decades to come. ” It is also an absolutely necessary step for the entire industry if it is to achieve its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Boeing would like 100% of its planes to fly on sustainable fuels

Sustainable fuels for aircraft are made from vegetable oil, animal fat, various agricultural and forestry wastes, as well as non-recyclable household waste, among others. In its press release, Boeing specifies that it has conducted several successful tests in the past using 100% sustainable fuels. A FedEx 777 Freighter, in particular, became the first aircraft to fly without conventional fuel in 2018, as part of the Boeing Eco-Demonstrator program.

By the year 2030

That being said, for now, authorities require that planes use up to a maximum of 50% sustainable fuel, mixed with traditional fuel. Boeing (and other manufacturers) will therefore have to work with the authorities in place to show that increasing this ratio does not pose any safety problem. Chris Raymond, Director of Sustainability at Boeing, said the following:

“With this long history of innovation in sustainable fuels, certifying our range of aircraft to fly on 100% sustainable fuels will further advance Boeing’s commitment to innovate and work for a better world. Sustainable fuels for aircraft are proven, used every day, and have the most immediate and greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions in the medium and long term.”

The aviation giant has been in the headlines lately following two fatal crashes involving 737 Maxs that claimed the lives of 346 people. The company was even charged with conspiring to fraud against the United States and ended up making a deal with the Justice Department to the tune of $ 2.5 billion to avoid legal action.

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