Shocking video of a meteor entering Earth and lighting up the sky with a huge fireball was captured by an amateur astrophotographer from Idaho, USA, earlier this month.

Jordan Ragsdale, 39, has been a five-year amateur astrophotographer and the author of these astonishing images, captured on July 3 with a rooftop camera designed to detect meteors.

In this video we can see a meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere and turning into a huge fireball that was able to illuminate the entire neighborhood.

According to the impressions of Jordan, collected by Caters: “It appears to be a meteorite of considerable size that enters the atmosphere.”

The fireball phenomenon occurs when a meteor, also known as a shooting star, is larger than one millimeter in diameter. The larger the size of the meteor, the greater the flash in the sky.

The cosmic rock that entered the atmosphere on July 3 at around 4:14 a.m. was likely large enough to survive until it hit the ground, explained Montana Learning Center (MLC) executive director Ryan Hannahoe.

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