The acting prime minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, declared a state of siege in the country after the assassination of the president Jovenel Moise. The fatal outcome of the president occurred during the first hours of this Wednesday, July 7.

Joseph made the announcement in a televised statement, surrounded by the director of the National Police, Leon Charles, and other authorities, after presiding over an extraordinary Council of Ministers, in which he assured “all measures have been taken to ensure the continuity of the State”.

I ask all the living forces of the nation to accompany us in the battle, to accompany us in the continuity of the State.” Said the head of government.

He reiterated that the country’s security situation is “under control”By the National Police and the Armed Forces and asked the population to remain calm.

It also assured that the perpetrators of the murder of Jovenel Moise will be brought to justice and expressed his sympathy with the president’s family, friends and allies, whom he described as a man “very valiant”.

Moses as killed by unidentified gunmen who raided his residence at dawn and who, according to Joseph, spoke in English and Spanish.

The first lady Martine moise was also seriously injured in the attack, who receives medical attention in a hospital.

The streets of Prince Port remain calm, practically empty, after the assassination, and the police control the access to the Pelerin neighborhood, where Moise used to reside.

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