Provocative phrase and a blooper that went viral: 5 sentences by Miguel Ángel Russo after Boca’s title in the Diego Maradona Cup

Provocative phrase and a blooper that went viral: 5 sentences by Miguel Ángel Russo after Boca’s title in the Diego Maradona Cup

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The word of Miguel Angel Russo

After the 3-0 defeat against Santos in the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores, Boca and Miguel Ángel Russo were the target of criticism. For this reason, for the coach, the victory on penalties against Banfield that allowed the Xeneize to raise the Diego Maradona Cup.

“I want to thank my players, the coaching staff, everyone; to the people of Boca mainly. It is the title 70 of the story, for us it is important for everything. We make mistakes, we make self-criticism. Outside doors is one thing and inside is another. We talk a lot, it’s not easy to get up after the other day. I told the players that the vast majority are on vacation and we are playing the final, so we have something, we do something well“He released a phrase of provocative content, unusual in his speech.

At the time of highlighting the Olympic round, Miguel Ángel Russo committed a blooper that became very popular on social networks: he forgot one of the first-phase rivals. “It was a tournament that cost us a lot, because we had a phase in the Group of Death. With Lanús Talleres and … I don’t remember. Lanús Talleres and Arsenal. No, it wasn’t Arsenal. Lanús, Talleres and Newell’s “, came to the information, with the assistance of one of his assistants off camera during the interview with TNT Sports.


You got your second title in 13 months of management, what does it mean?

“They demand of us and we want one more step. We are looking for that. It is a recognition of a lot of things that we have experienced. The people of Boca would have filled everything. “

What impact does it have after the elimination in the Libertadores?

“We must continue to resolve situations for this club. In Boca I know that everything is little, but I am calm, aware of what has to be faced and done ”.

Did the criticism hurt you after the stumble against Santos?

“I don’t say anything about journalism. Each one owns what he says. In Boca an ant is an elephant. We solve things between ourselves in the best way and way. Santos is another story, I assume the error and it is enough ”.


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