Tevez, without filter: strong self-criticism of the party with Santos, the relationship with Riquelme and his future in Boca

Tevez, without filter: strong self-criticism of the party with Santos, the relationship with Riquelme and his future in Boca

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What Carlos Tevez said after Boca became champion

“It is always nice to win. With this shirt one is happy, happy ”. A Carlos Tevez His eyes shine as if it were his first title and that, with this one, reached Juan Román Riquelme with 11 in his history and is the second Argentine footballer in history with more trophies behind Lionel Messi. But when it comes to talking about other topics, don’t shy away.

“In Boca you have to stop quickly, you have to turn the page quickly and be as good as possible for this final that was coming. What did I tell the guys in the week as captain? Try to get out of this situation quickly, pick them up, see how they arrived ”, he mentioned Charlie Brown, who also admitted that the team did not rise to the occasion in the Libertadores semi-final rematch against Santos in Brazil.


On the unexpected outcome with Banfield, he commented: “After Emma’s expulsion and with one less we had all the changes made, he was injured. Octopus and with 9 it was difficult. They tied us in the last one and we had to change fast again, that’s the strength of this group. At another time we were losing on penalties ”. And it even gave rise to laughter: “Except Buffa (the last one who converted), they all kicked well, ha. But one is the same ”.

Before going into other important points, he revealed about his father’s state of health: “Unfortunately my old man has no chance. I have to act as a father and explain to my daughters the situation of my grandfather and accompany them at this moment, which is very difficult for them, for me, for my mother, for all my brothers, for everyone ”.



– “I saw the team very solid and I thought it was time to win the Cup. We woke up with a bad day and everything went wrong. The team was badly hit. If you die on the shore it is the same as dying inside, but there are things as a group that one cannot not do. Look you in the eye after a match is over and say we drop everything and stay out. I saw that feeling in my teammates that I didn’t like. They are football things “

– “In the first half as soon as Frank (Fabra) starts, he loses a ball and they hit the post. That gives you an idea that you have to pick up your teammates and move forward. In the second half, when we thought we scored a goal and passed, they slapped you twice and you can’t get over it ”


– “With Román I always speak by message. There is repseto. We talked about some important parties. Then you know the relationship I have with the Soccer Council, it is all professional. The subject of prizes for the team and stuff. It is normal. Other things don’t bother me, they don’t screw me and I don’t screw them. I do my job and for what I can help, I do it because I am available because I want Boca to do well. To Roman and to the president, thank you very much for understanding, for putting the plane so that it can be. Always grateful “


– “I’m going to keep playing. It would be unfair to leave at this time. There’s a week off and then back to training, it’s not a long time. I am calm and very well despite all the problems. When he entered the field, he enjoyed it. I’m in that moment of enjoyment “

– “I’m not going to make the same mistake as when I went to China, waiting to see and put the people of Boca on edge. I tell him to stay calm that I’m going to stay “

– “I’m not ready for retirement, I don’t have a feeling of emptiness and have nothing. When that touches me, I’ll take a step to the side. Today I have the same desire to continue being champion with this shirt “

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