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Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín. Photo: private archive, Facebook.

The controversies and controversies during the first month of 2021 have not given respite to Daniel Quintero Calle, mayor of the Antioquia capital. This time, the local president quoted a trill on his official Twitter account in which they made reference to the quarantine that will govern in Medellín and not in other municipalities and cities of Antioquia this weekend;Hundreds of Internet users did not like the mayor’s tweet at all.

Despite the fact that the Government of Antioquia decreed new curfews only at night for this weekend, the mayor of Medellin increased the restrictions in the capital of the department and announced a continuous and total curfew during the weekend. This measure caused hundreds of tweeters to react, some in a comical way and among the thousands of publications There was one that made reference to the fact that the other rulers of Antioquia, who did not take the same measures, “let Daniel Quintero die”.

Quintero Calle, who is very active on Twitter, quoted the trill of a user who lives in La Estrella, an Antioquia municipality and posted a emoji of laughter “😂”. This simple reaction, coming from the mayor of one of the most important capital cities of Colombia, caused hundreds of tweeters, both from the country and from other parts of the country, They will react against him and put into question the seriousness with which the Antioquia president assumes his government, and the lightness with which he refers to measures that seriously affect the economy and life of the paisas.

Quintero controversy on Twitter
Quintero controversy on Twitter

As if that were not enough and unleashing even more the rejection of the users of the social network, Quintero’s counterpart, Juan Sebastián Abad, mayor of La Estrella, the post He also mocked the governor of Medellín, used the same emoticon as Daniel, expressed his personal appreciation for the local president and told him that he admired him.

Then and almost completely omitting the controversy unleashed, Daniel Quintero responded to Abad, returned the compliment and assured that “we will overcome this together.” It is not known if the president was referring to the pandemic, or to the wave of criticism in which they were being protagonists.

Quintero controversy on Twitter
Quintero controversy on Twitter

Among the comments that were most seen in response to the trill of the Antioqueno leaders, they are read “What a lack of empathy, what sadness”; “You laugh while the people who live off the newspaper pack this weekend with no way to pay their pension and also eat because they can’t go out to work”; among others.

There were even former councilors and public officials who taggearon to the Attorney General’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office to take action on the matter.

Daniel Quintero Calle’s Twitter was also the protagonist last Thursday morning when the president published a trill on his official Twitter account in which he reported on the third mock vaccination against covid-19 in the capital of Antioquia; This publication caused him mockery, memes, criticism and various questions from hundreds of Internet users.

In the post, Quintero Calle attached 3 photos in which health personnel are seen “vaccinating” some citizens. In the comments of the tweet, some users questioned him and asked him what they were being immunized with, “with air?” Wrote one user.

Daniel Quintero in the mock immunization in Medellín.  Photo: Twitter @QuinteroCalle
Daniel Quintero in the mock immunization in Medellín. Photo: Twitter @QuinteroCalle

In addition, several tweeters used a gif that shows Rod and Todd Flanders, the children of the remembered Ned Flanders from the American series The Simpsons. In one episode of the series, the little ones pretend to enjoy their imaginary Christmas presents; Several netizens answered the trill to the president with that image, implying that the biologicals with which they inoculate the candidates in the photos are fictitious.

Equally, Twitter users compared the mayor’s post to Divercity, the amusement park where children could play at different professions such as doctors, firefighters, journalists, chefs, etc. Some tweeters made a simile between the photos that Quintero published, with those of several children in the aforementioned park.

This was the trill of Quintero Calle

Mock tweet in Medellín
Mock tweet in Medellín

The comments that most likes They also made reference to the work that President Iván Duque and his Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz carry out so that the country acquires the vaccine against the new coronavirus. To date, there are still no vaccines in Colombian territory, although the Government has already announced that in February it will start the National Vaccination Plan.

Even, other users of the social network questioned the Medellin president about the implementation of the other two drills. According to netizens, they did not hear from the others.

Several Colombians criticized Daniel Quintero for doing drills with the vaccines that have not yet reached Colombian territory. In fact, one tweeter wrote: “Am I laughing, crying, or fucking?” I do not know how to react, supposedly a mock vaccination that tetrahij &% $ # country joke to the good ”.

They did not stop the reactions

The comments to the trill weren’t just from ordinary citizens. Opinion leaders of great importance in the world of social networks also expressed their opinion in front of the trill of the local mayor and some, even, they mocked the post.

For his part, the journalist of the Los Danieles portal, Daniel Samper Ospina, cited the trill of the Antioquia mayor and ironically compared it to the Bogotá Metro. The communicator assured that if they do the drill “In Bogotá people will be able to get to the simulation of the vaccine in the subway render”, wrote the columnist.

Mock tweet in Medellín
Mock tweet in Medellín

In addition, Samper retweeted another trill in which they mocked the president’s measure, which allowed the publication of that tweeter to have many more reactions.

Mock tweet in Medellín
Mock tweet in Medellín

Likewise, the journalist Jairo Soto published a trill in which he also expressed his opinion about the publication of the mayor of Medellín. In its post Soto said that the photos reminded him of when in his childhood “they made vaccinations against” violence “and they gave us red fruit in syringes,” published the communicator from Barranquilla.

Mock tweet in Medellín
Mock tweet in Medellín

In the same publication, they read comments against the Government of Mayor Quintero and ask him to stop playing. It is important to remember that at the moment, the capital of the Antioquia department that according to the Government It already reaches 90.13% occupancy in its ICU beds, will present a proposal of measures that if approved will be jointly decreed by the department authorities.


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