Justice League: Snyder-Cut will not be a series after all

Justice League: Snyder-Cut will not be a series after all

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Zack Snyder was not satisfied with the cinema version of Justice League. The director had to leave the project early due to family problems. Joss Whedon took over for him, who re-shot parts of the film and made his own version of it. However, Synder was given the opportunity to publish his originally planned version and has been working on it for some time.

Long film instead of series

When Zack Synder published a photo from the editing room, he was asked whether the project was going to be a series or a “one shot” movie. The director responded with “One Shot”. The plans to release a 4-hour series seem to be off the table. But nothing should change in terms of runtime. The Snyder Cut from Justice League (buy now 9.70 €) will also run as a film for four hours. This may also have something to do with international marketing. It could be that a film could be more easily broadcast abroad.

Incidentally, for legal reasons, the new version should also be given a different title. It is not yet clear what this will be. Film fans can look forward to something very different from the version that Joss Whedon brought to the cinema. Among other things, we will see Martian Manhunter in the film, who was not even mentioned in the theatrical version. The main villain Darkseid also appears.

Zack Snyder stated that after this project he did not want to make any new films in the DC superhero universe. So we probably won’t see his actually planned second part of Justice League again.

Justice League: Rebirth – Rumors speak of a new movie

According to a rumor, the Warner Bros. film studio is currently working on a new film for Justice League.

Justice League: Darkseid appears in the teaser for the Snyder Cut

The so-called Snyder Cut from Justice League will introduce the villain Darkseid, which you will see in the short teaser.

Justice League: Snyder-Cut ends his DC-Cinematic-Universe

The new cut of the film Justice League is supposed to end the Zack Snyder DC film universe.

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