Joe Biden signs executive order on abortion access to protect privacy

Joe Biden signs executive order on abortion access to protect privacy

Joe Biden signs an executive order to strengthen the confidentiality of people seeking information about reproductive health services.

Administration Biden takes a further step to address the privacy issues that have been brought to light following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the judgment in Roe v. Wade. In a new executive order regarding access to abortion and other issues, the White House wants to try to strengthen protections for people seeking a reproductive health facility. It is unclear, however, precisely what will result from this action.

Joe Biden signs executive order to bolster privacy

The executive order points to “the potential threat to patient privacy caused by the transfer and sale of sensitive health data and by digital surveillance.” And it offers advice to other agencies, like the FTC, without proposing any new regulations.

Instead, the executive order gives discretion to the FTC and the Department of Health and Human Services. For example, he explains that the chairman of the FTC is “encouraged to consider actions … to protect the privacy of individuals when seeking information about reproductive health services.” It also states that the Attorney General and the Secretary to the Department of Health and Human Services should “consider actions to educate people on how best to protect their health privacy and limit the collection and sharing of their health data. personal health.”

people seeking information on reproductive health services

This presidential executive order from Joe Biden comes after privacy advocates and other activists warned that the lack of federal regulation could have dire consequences for people seeking abortions following the Roe case. Period-tracking apps have garnered a lot of attention, but experts say the problem goes deeper than this type of app alone. And while the executive order has nothing to do with data brokers or the vast collection of personal data by tech companies, the issue has caught the attention of Congress. On the same day as Joe Biden’s executive order, a group of Oversight and Reform Committee Democrats launched an investigation into five data brokers and the companies behind five popular rule-tracking apps.

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