Ana Mariá Aldón, depressed and on medical leave, will return ‘to school’ in September

Ana Mariá Aldón on medical leave, will return ‘to school’ in September

It’s been three weeks since Ana Maria Aldon appeared for the last time on the set of ‘Viva la Vida’. the woman from Ortega Cano is on sick leave due to medical prescription, and without a doubt she is facing one of the worst moments of his life on an emotional level. That is why a few weeks ago she made the decision to put herself in the hands of a professional who would help her manage her complicated situation, which began, in part, as a result of the public exposure that their relationship (or non-relationship) has had. with Glory Camila.

Despite all this, one of Ana María’s brothers has assured, to the surprise of many, that it is not among his plans to separate from Ortega Cano. And it is that her main problem would not be focused on her marriage to the bullfighter, but on his family, among many other things.

Waiting to see how it evolves in the coming weeks, those who know it best they assure that it will be next September when we will all witness his public reappearance either on television or through an exclusive.

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