President Joe Biden received the World Series champions Atlanta Braves on Monday to highlight the great feat of winning the ring despite all the adversity they went through

President Joe Biden received the World Series champions Atlanta Braves at the White House on Monday to recognize a championship that in his opinion was “unlikely” due to all the difficulties they faced in said 2021 campaign.

Just a week before the end of the regular season, the entire squad met with Biden to share the championship ring with him and to celebrate a World Series that Biden himself also described as “unstoppable and radiant.”

“This team has literally been a part of American history for 150 years. But nothing was easy… people considered them discarded. I know firsthand what it is like to be ruled out“, Biden commented in reference to the 2020 elections against Donald Trump in which many media gave him as the loser of the presidential race.

In the same way, he labeled the collective performance of Atlanta as “one of the greatest comebacks in history”, beginning in August where they finalized their classification in the limit to the playoffs and since then they were a steamroller until they finished with the title in six games against Houston Astros.

The custom of receiving the champion sports teams in the United States is not new and although in the previous government of Donald Trump controversy reigned and this custom had been set aside, now with Biden it has been resumed and the president to date has received crowned teams such as Milwaukee Bucks, NBA champions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winners in the 2021 Super Bowl.

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