Young university students interested in working during the holidays will be able to do so on EU Foto GlobeLiveMedia.

If you are looking for an opportunity to summer job and be part of a university communitythe United States Embassy in Mexico has called for work temporarily in the EU.

Through a program of summer business trips is given to students the opportunity to live and work in the United States during the university holidaysIt also offers the power to live and share the American way of life.

Residence time is approx. three and a half monthssince the program starts on May 19 and ends September 5, 2023. To apply for the project, candidates must meet certain conditions:

– Have a high command of the English language be able to interact properly in an English-speaking environment.

– Be High school students enrolled and pursuing a college degree or other full-time course at an accredited post-secondary institution.

– Have successfully completed at least one semester or the equivalent of preparatory academic studies.

– Be pre-placed in a job, except for countries that are exempt from presenting a US visa.

AT selected people we provide them pre-arranged joba copy of the Department of State’s Summer Travel Program brochure, the Department of State’s emergency number, and the immediate contact of the sponsor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The summer work program covers approximately three and a half months of stay REUTERS/Henry Romero
The summer work program covers approximately three and a half months of stay REUTERS/Henry Romero

Participants who manage to enter the United States without prearranged employment are assured of being provided sufficient financial resources to support when looking for a job.

Each of the participants will also receive the necessary information on how to find a job and safe housing before leaving their country of origin.

Just like a job directory which includes as many job openings as the number of your program participants who will enter the United States without prearranged employment.

It is important to mention that the sponsors will have the obligation to make known the candidates: the requirements complete it federal minimum wagehe amount of compensation for students according to the prevailing local salary.

Summer is key to finding a job in Shutterstock 162 business
Summer is key to finding a job in Shutterstock 162 business

– Employers have an obligation to provide selected students with a certain number of hours of work for which they will be paid per week, which must be included in the job offer from the host country.

– Participants eligible to work overtime must be paid in accordance with applicable state or federal law.

Likewise, those selected will have certain basic obligations, such as: employers will have to be notified when students arrive at the workplace and begin their programs. Whenever there are changes or deviations in internships during programs, when participants do not meet internship requirements or when participants leave their post before the scheduled departure.

Finally, you must be notified in the event of an emergency that affects the health, safety or well-being of the persons selected or the sponsors. On the other hand, hosts will not place the selected people in: sales positions which require the purchase of inventory and must be sold to maintain, in domestic help of private houses or how drivers or operators of tricycles or wheelchairs. If you have any questions, you can consult the complete program at the following link:

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