Ukraine does not abandon Bakhmut. The army of the invaded country transfers part of its forces from Zaporizhia region in Ukraine towards this strategic city of Donetsk, where the fiercest fighting is now taking place, as revealed Vladimir Rogov, leader of the pro-Kremlin movement “Together with Russia”.

The British Ministry of Defense estimates that the city is already practically divided between the Russian and Ukrainian positions, with a front established on the river which crosses the center of the city, today converted into a “Death Zone”.

Meanwhile, Wagner’s Russian mercenaries are 1.2 km from the center after taking over the metallurgical company AZOM, but Ukraine I would prepare a counter-offensive to maintain control of the city which, according to the Ukrainian authorities, is littered with the corpses of civilians.

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Ukraine-Russia war, live: last minute of Putin’s military offensive, mobilization, Zelensky, bombardment, nuclear alert and economic consequences

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