One of the most sinister figures of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the tycoon Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the mercenaries of the Wagner group, considered Putin’s praetorian guard and spearhead of Russian troops at the front, He also has political aspirations.

In a post on Telegram, Prigozhin confirmed that “I am making a political presentation. Looking at everything around me, I have political ambitions. I have decided to run for president in 2024. For the President of Ukraine”.

The idea of ​​the leader of the mercenaries is to face the current president, Volodimir Zelenski, and his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, at the polls. “If I win the Ukrainian presidential election, then everything will be fine guys, shells will not be needed“, said.

Wagner’s leader confronted establishment of the Russian Ministry of Defense and was very critical of them during this year of invasion. Prigozhin now says that He takes the money out of his pocket to supply his mercenaries, many of them of neo-Nazi ideology.

He also confirmed that recruitment offices have been opened for the Wagner Group: “New fighters are coming who will go with us to defend their country and his family. To build our common future and protect the memory of the past.”

“Despite the colossal resistance of the armed forces of Ukraine, we will continue. Despite the spokes in the wheels getting stuck in ours with every move, we will get through this together,” Prigozhin said.

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