If there is a piece of furniture that is particularly vulnerable to getting dirty or getting a stain, is the sofa, the most used object in the house, whether to rest, watch TV, spend time with family or friends, or eat something. Hence the importance of clean it, to prolong its life and prevent wear. But, for that, not everything is allowed: you have to use the right products.

The increasingly high temperatures invite us to think that there is nothing left for spring to begin, and many are those who take advantage of this time of year to adapt the house and do a big cleaning. In fact, in the case of the sofa, there are those who recommends removing dust and mites that are generated and give it a dull appearance, at least every six monthsalthough it seems that it is not dirty.

So whether it got stained from a little accident or you just want to keep it sanitized, there are homemade tips and tricks that can be followed to leave the fabric sofa as newwhich are detailed below.

Steps to Clean a Fabric Sofa

Although it may seem obvious, the first thing you should do to clean a fabric sofa is check the label to confirm the material it is made of. From this information, it will be known whether it can be dry cleaned or not.

The next step is vacuum the dirt generated on the sofa -dust, hair, dust mites or leftover food-, with the accessory in the form of a brush and with the one with a flat tip, to reach all angles: if this is not available, a brush with fine bristles is used. When you can, cushions are removed, each is vacuumed individually and finally, the entire surface. It should be separated from the wall or furniture to also clean the back and bottom.

Then the products will need to be applied. This must be done after reading the instructions of the material to be used, being very careful and using gloves, a mask and protective glasses.

Finally, it is recommended dry the cover in the open air and in the shade, if it can be separated from the sofa. This prevents damage to colors or fabrics from the sun’s rays.

With which products can stains be removed from the sofa?

There are several ways to clean the sofa, and some of them involve the use of special substances that require safety measures, as they are flammable, and to ventilate the space. Therefore, it is essential to always check what fabric it is made of, before applying any treatment, so that an invisible part of the upholstery is not damaged or discolored. Some of the most common options for leaving it spotless are:

  • If the cover can be removed, it is washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case of doubt, it will be necessary do it with cold water, neutral soap, a gentle spin and without fabric softener.
  • Gradually apply alcohol on the surface, brush with a soft bristle brush and dry with a clean cloth.
  • An alternative is steam -it’s practical and fast-, anti-stain, shampoo for upholsteryspray for dry cleaning, leather cleaners or eco-friendly.
  • home methods like distilled water, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Other natural bleach is saltvery useful for getting rid of grease stains.
  • Mingle a liter of warm water, a glass of vinegar or the juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of baking soda. It is sprayed on the dirty area and with a cloth make circular movements on it. Immediately afterwards, the entire sofa is reviewed with the same material so that there is no difference.

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