the journey of Frederic Vasseur as team leader Ferrari She has only just started and is already on her way to her first attack. The bad feelings of the pre-season were confirmed in the Bahrain Grand PrixOr Charles Leclerc had to retire due to reliability issue carlos sainz podium options are gone for the already famous Degradation of SF-23.

He resigned last Thursday David Sanchez, responsible for the aerodynamic development of the single-seater. According to various Italian media, Sánchez received a million dollar offer from McLaren, for which he would have to leave his position at Maranello to be able to join the work dynamic of the British team.

But this is not the only change at Ferrari, since during the winter break, Vasseur fired Madrid engineer Iñaki Rueda as head of strategy, relegating him to the position of assistant to the new strategic director, Jain Ravine.

The theory says that Vasseur is responsible for leading this internal restructuring in the team, but according to Fluvio Solms, a journalist at Corrier dello Sport, the French cannot exercise their power freely. John Elkannpresident of Ferrari, would have given the order to Benoit Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, to guide Vasseur’s decisions. Solms assures that “by order of Elkann, Vigna acts as commissar on Vasseur” and that the French “has far less decision-making power than its predecessors“.

Vasseur joined Ferrari in January of Alfa Romeo succeed in Mathias Binotto. The Swiss came out the back door after a disastrous 2022 season finale that saw the drivers’ and constructors’ championships disappear. The start of this season hasn’t been much different from the second half of 2022, and Vasseur, after one run, is already on the ropes.

Indeed, various media indicate that Charles Leclerc, his main support, would seek a way out from Ferrari to Mercedes, which would deal a fatal blow to the mandate of Frédéric Vasseur. The Frenchman arrived to bring peace of mind to Ferrari, but if he fails to redirect the situation, it wouldn’t be strange if he went from being a peacemaker for Ferrari to reissue the case of Marco Matiacciwhose time at Ferrari it only lasted six months.

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