The match for date 5 played at the Carlos Salazar Jr. stadium ended without Comunicaciones and Achuapa managing to convert.

The party figure was Karel Espino. The Communications Advocate was important.

Federico Antúnez was also relevant. The Achuapa defender was important.

There were 3 cards in the match: David Chuc, Carlos Joaquín Flores and Oscar González.

Communications strategist William Coito stopped the starting XI with a 4-5-1 formation with Freddy Pérez in goal; David Chuc, Matías Fracchia, José Pinto and Diego Santis on the defensive line; José Contreras, Erik Gonzalez, Jorge Aparicio, Jorlián Sánchez and José Corena in the middle; and Andrés Lezcano in attack.

For their part, the elected officials of Raúl Arias entered the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Juan Najarro under the three sticks; Carlos Joaquín Flores, Rigoberto Hernández, Orlando Moreira and Jorge Matul in defense; Ribix García, Kevyn Aguilar, Oscar González and Carlos Quiñónez in midfield; and Kevin Bordon and Eliser Quiñones up front.

The judge chosen to officiate the match at Carlos Salazar Jr. Stadium was Sergio Reyna Möller.

For the following date, Communications will act as local against Guastatoya and Achuapa will receive Municipal.

With this result, the facilitator accumulates 11 points throughout the competition and occupies the top of the table. For its part, the visit adds 2 units and is in twelfth place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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