Your dime could be worth ,000: what features it should have

Your dime could be worth $2,000: what features it should have

You should take a good look at your pennies, as a rare Philadelphia issue could be worth as much as $2,000.

Coins are that change you keep after making a purchase: they are usually pennies that have no value beyond that. However, nowadays there are some rare dimes, so their value can go beyond $2,000 dollars.

According to expert Jaime Hernandez, editor of the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) price guide, about 150,000 Roosevelt dimes were released in Philadelphia in 1982 without a mint mark.

That is, most U.S. coins have a mint mark: a P to distinguish that it is a Philadelphia Mint mark; an S for the San Francisco Mint; a D for the Denver Mint; and a W for the West Point Mint.

If more than 150,000 coins do not have this mark, which is usually found next to the stamp on which the coins were issued, showing their peculiarity. So, experts are letting people know that if they come across a 1982 Roosevelt dime, they could be holding an item worth up to $2,000.

“The numerical grades MS-60 to MS-70, used to denote a business strike coin that has never been in circulation. A Mint State coin can range from one that is covered with marks (MS-60) to a flawless example (MS-70),” experts consulted to Go Banking Rates note.

It’s worth noting that these are limited edition coins, so if any person happens to come across one of these, collectors will be willing to pay top dollar for them. “You can tell by the mirror-like reflectivity on their surfaces that it’s a proof coin,” said Treasuretown, a popular channel on TikTok.

It’s not the first time collectors have been interested in paying thousands of dollars for a rare coin. And they’re not focusing specifically on coins, either; they’re also on the lookout for limited-edition bills.

For example, a five-cent coin, minted in the year 1964, which has fully visible steps in the Monticello design, can be worth up to $45,000.

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