Ever since the retail giant launched Walmart+, many consumers have been skeptical about its perks, largely because they don’t know about some of its best perks that could save them a few bucks with their membership.

Walmart+ (Walmart plus) is the relatively new membership service from the US retail giant. With the cost of $12.95 per month or $98 per year, you can access different offers, free grocery delivery and other services. As the company continues to improve its subscription strategy, there are 5 benefits that are little known to consumers, which will surely be more attractive to them and for which they might consider signing up for at least the free trial to give it a try.

1. Free Subscription to Paramount+

A few months ago, Walmart announced a partnership with streaming platform Paramount+ to offer the service for free through your Walmart+ subscription.

The Paramount+ service costs $4.99 per month for individuals. If we take into account that the annual payment of Walmart+, the membership costs you $8.17 dollars per month, you are practically saving $5 dollars each month.

2. Quick Pay Scan & Go

Although Walmart has more than 3,500 stores across the United States, its customers number in the millions, so its checkout is often overcrowded. Walmart+ members will be able to skip the lines with their new Scan & Go payment method. It is a concept similar to Just Walk Out of its staunchest competitor, Amazon.

As a member, you can download the Walmart mobile app, select Scan & Go and use it with each item you want to buy, just hold it in front of your device’s camera, which will work as a scanner, and so on with each product. .

When you finish your purchases, go to the self-checkout and scan the QR code on the screen. If you bought something to weigh, you can do it in this box and add it to your order. Finally, you finish your purchase from the application, you will be charged and you will receive a digital receipt, which you must show to the verifier when leaving the store.

3. Free shipping without minimum purchases

As a good competitor to Amazon in the online retail sector, Walmart+ could not be left behind, and its members also get free shipping on all their products, with no minimum purchase.

Also, to top it off, unlike Bezos’s company, there are items that are shipped from local stores, so they could be delivered the next day or even the same day.

4. Rewards on eligible products

Walmart+ members can earn Walmart rewards on eligible items both in-store with the app and while shopping online. Simply add the rewards to your account, then pay online or use Walmart Pay in-store.

Walmart Rewards benefits are not offered as percentage discounts on each item. Instead, it’s more like a coupon app where rewards are applied to specific items that change regularly.

5. Save on your gallon of gasoline

Although gasoline has fallen in recent weeks, prices remain high. With a Walmart+ membership, consumers get exclusive discounts at the pump at popular gas stations like Exxon Mobile and Murphy. Savings vary by location and season, and you’ll need your Walmart app to activate your discount.

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