Ninel Conde showed off a great body from a yacht, which she used as a catwalk to draw attention to thousands of followers wearing revealing swimsuits that highlighted the spectacular figure they maintain at 46 years old

Ninel Conde enjoys showing off her figure from luxurious yachts.

Ninel Conde fell in love with her followers on social networks with a video in which she appears posing from a yacht with revealing swimsuits that highlighted her curvaceous silhouette.


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There is no doubt that “El Bombón Asesino” knows how to attract attention, because in addition to being one of the celebrities who always gives something to talk about due to her romantic relationships, she is constantly in the eye of the hurricane thanks to legal problems, being one of the most recent is the lawsuit she holds with Giovanni Medina for the custody of her son Emmanuel.

However, the also actress has been characterized by maintaining one of the most enviable figures of the show, because at 46 years old she has not stopped exercising and mainly taking care of her diet, which has been confirmed repeatedly through social networks where it is shown with light swimsuits.

This is how she recently showed off a great body from a yacht in a publication that she made, which she used as a catwalk to draw attention to thousands of followers.

Along with the video in which she appeared posing in a red bikini and a gold high-waisted swimsuit, the television star shared a message with which she highlighted one of the great teachings that life has left her: “When you learn to give yourself priority, there is no turning back… Enjoy life, which is only one and never care what others say, ”he wrote in the short recording.

The same social network has also been used to share some beauty secrets and tips for leading a healthy life like hers, so in another recording she revealed how she takes care of her food, especially when she is traveling.

“If I can eat healthy when I travel, you have no excuse at home not to take care of yourself and eat healthy. This is what I eat before and after training as a little bit of protein, vegetables and a little bit of carbohydrates. Yes, you can take care of yourself, if you put your mind to it, you will feel much better, ”she is heard saying on the recording.

The result of a healthy life has also been exposed through her TikTok account, where she shares images in which she has also shone while walking in Miami, Florida, aboard luxurious yachts. Examples of this are the following.

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