The steers traded lower in the Agricultural Market

The steers traded lower in the Agricultural Market

With an offer of 9,777 bovines for sales on Tuesday and Wednesday, 19.52% lower than that of the same previous segment, of 12,148 head, business was carried out in the Mercado Agroganadero de Cañuelas , where the interest of buyers was concentrated on light farms and cows, in view of a calmer climate for the placement of steers, which fell in price.

The General Index of Wednesday, of 255,974 pesos per kilo, reflected a rise of 1.09% compared to the indicator of Wednesday of the previous week, of 253,201 pesos , but marked a drop of 1.89% in comparison with the $260,905 of the Friday the 18th. Regarding the average weight of the commercialized farm, it was 416.46 kilos, 1.55% higher than the previous 410.10 kilos.

The steers, with 1,225 heads sold, had a participation of 12.56% in the total negotiated, of 9,747 cattle, and an average weight of 473.77 kilos, 1.99% lower than the 483.38 kilos of the previous period. .

The different classifications of steers had the following current prices: $280/300 for the light ones; $270/290 for half-sizes; $260/280 for the heavy ones, and $255/270 for the very heavy ones, with more than 520 kilos.

The maximum price for the steer category was 324 pesos per kilo and was paid for a lot with an average of 437 kilos sent from Ameghino by Nelson Hermanos SA and sold by the consignee Martín G. Lalor SA.

On Wednesday the Steer Index closed at $268,679, 5.12 percent below the $283,193 of the previous Wednesday and 1.90% behind the $273,895 of Friday the 18th.

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For the sale of the small categories, 5,159 animals were sent to the Agricultural and Livestock Market, equivalent to 52.93% of the total sold. The fluctuation of the current values ​​was the following: in steers, with 2714 animals sold, $320/335 for light ones with 300/350 kg; $310/330 for medium ones with 351/390 kg, and $300/320 for heavy ones with 391/430 ​​kg, and in heifers, with 2445 heads, $310/330 for light ones; $280/300 for the medium ones, and $270/290 for the heavy ones.

The maximum values ​​were, in steers, $350 for light ones with 340 kilos; $342 for medium with 355 kg, and $327 for heavy with 399 kg, and in heifers, $340 with 283 and with 293 kg; $308 for light weights of 355 and 362 kg, and $287 with 396 kilos.

selling the cows

With 2,988 heads, equivalent to 30.65% of the total negotiated, the sale of the various categories and classifications of cows was developed. The highest price in the category was registered on Wednesday and was $270 for a batch with an average 446 kg shipped from Federal, Entre Ríos, by Agropecuaria Santa Celia SA and sold by the consignee Monasterio Tattersall SA.

The current prices for good cows, suitable for cuts and butchery, ranged from 220 to 250 pesos per kilo, while for regular ones they did from 200 to 220 pesos. In the canned and manufactured type, $190/200 were assigned for the reddest ones and $180/190 for the inferior ones.

In the two business rounds that are analyzed in this column, the females totaled 5,433 heads and had a participation of 55.74% in the total sold, 23.91% less than the 7,140 marketed the previous week.

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