I will give you a brief summary of some of the pulses that I do almost daily in the stock market section live today, in GLM and I am going to focus them on the technological sector that has suffered (Dead King) and the new sector that erect as the king of the stock market, the energetic.

Comparison of the big technology companies in the 2008 crisis and the current one. The big technology companies have suffered a lot, but this time they are much more solvent companies, which have had their costs increase after the pandemic and a drop in income, they have suffered, but. They go up again next year, never give for dead to the king.

But there is no doubt that the sector has fallen and investors who have not been able to get out are suffering from excessive market expectations in their portfolios that have not been met. See what the technology sector has done on the stock market.

This is how the losers or meta-losers of the FAANG+ have been in the year. The Meta (Facebook) thing is funny that it has bet its brand on the metaverse concept when there are still many years to go before it becomes something massive.

But we have already told you that money never sleeps in the stock market, technology companies have suffered, because energy companies have woken up.

The energy sector already accounts for 16% of world markets, in just a few months it has gone from being 10% of the market and the prospects continue to be for expensive energy, so its stock prices will remain high.

See in this Goldman Sachs report, the sectors with positive percentages in sales in the third quarter. 90% of companies in the energy sector have improved their results.

These are the kings of cash flows. Still don’t have energy in your wallet? Positive cash flows are manna from heaven right now on the stock market and investors should take advantage of this.

You know, leverage your investments in good stocks and sectors that have little debt, growing revenues and profits, right now that’s a mine for investments.

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