Bitcoin sets new record and surpasses $ 64,000 ahead of Coinbase’s Nasdaq debut

Bitcoin sets new record and surpasses $ 64,000 ahead of Coinbase’s Nasdaq debut

The growth in the price of Bitcoin is moderating but not slowing down, even with the arrival of Coinbase on the Nasdaq technological stock market.

The price of Bitcoin has reached $ 65,000 and remains stable around $ 64,000, setting a new record and consolidating its stability by not falling below $ 59,000 for several days. This happens when Coinbase goes public.

Owned by the Spanish entity BBVA Coinbase, it is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the United States and debuted today on Nasdaq , the technological stock market, which is reached using the direct listing mechanism in which the securities that are traded are traded. shareholders already have in their power instead of choosing to issue new securities.

In a single day, Bitcoin has risen in value by 7%, while throughout 2021 that growth has been 123% , starting from $ 29,000 when its price ended at the end of 2020.

Investors’ interest in virtual currencies is thus reinforced, and for the moment the stability of Bitcoin seems to be consolidating, after a vertiginous bullish rally throughout 2020 and especially in the early stages of 2021. While some analysts predict an imminent outbreak and others are betting on a medium-term outlook of continued growth in its price before that outbreak, there are calls for investment precaution from both entities and regulators, as is the case of the CNMV, which recently warned about the “beach bars financial ” in relation to cryptocurrencies.

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