Mega Millions Tuesday 11 Jan 2022

Results, Mega Millions for Tuesday, January 10: all the winners of the draw in the United States

Here you will find the results of the last draw and you will find out if the winning pot of the popular game in the United States finally burst,

MEGA MILLIONS | How much is the well?

For this Tuesday, January 10, the well was increased to $1.1 billion.

MEGA MILLIONS | What happens if I lose my ticket?

The North American lottery is not responsible for the loss or theft of your draw tickets. An alternative to protect them is to sign them on the back.

MEGA MILLIONS | How soon can I collect the prize?

Depending on local rules and regulations, the time allowed for claiming a prize varies by jurisdiction, so the period could be anywhere from 90 days to one year from the date of the draw.

To do this, you must check with the lottery in the state where you purchased the ticket to find out the period in which you can claim your prize.

MEGA MILLIONS | How is it played?

The participant must choose 6 numbers from two separate groups. In the 1 first group, you must choose between 1 to 70; while in group 2, she will choose between 1 and 14.

MEGA MILLIONS | Can it be played in other countries?

The ‘Mega Millions’ tickets are sold only in the United States, so if you are visiting, you can buy it and try your luck with this lottery. However, if you live in another country, you will not be able to participate in the popular American game.

MEGA MILLIONS | How much is the prize?

Because there was no jackpot winner last Friday night, the Mega Millions jackpot for this Tuesday, January 10, rose to $1.1 billion.

MEGA MILLIONS | What time is it played?

This Tuesday the results of the ‘Mega Millions’ will be announced starting at 11:00 p.m. (local time). Winners can be found through the official lottery website or through their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The information that we will give you below will be very useful for the entire United States, so we ask you to take note and share each detail with your friends and family. If you are one of the participants of this week’s ‘Mega Millions’ and you do not know if you are one of the winners, you have come to the right place. Read on and take note.

You are welcome to another minute by minute of Depor! This Tuesday, January 10, a new edition of the ‘Mega Millions’ will be played on American soil, so in the following note we will keep you up to date with the last hour of the event, as well as all the results. Do not miss it!


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