1999 Powerball Winner Reveals What To Do When Hitting The Jackpot

1999 Powerball Winner Reveals What To Do When Hitting The Jackpot

Timothy Schultz 23 years ago won $29 million dollars, a situation that changed his life in seconds, but he accepted that winning made him a distrustful person.

23 years ago, Iowa native Timothy Schultz won the Powerball jackpot, then $29,000,000. In 1999 this was the sum that the lottery awarded, although it is a good sum of money, tonight $1.6 billion dollars is in dispute in the same draw.

More than two decades after Schultz became a millionaire, he recalled that the excitement of winning the lottery is indescribable and the adrenaline is enormous, since that is not expected to happen, therefore, it is something that the rest of the world will not forget. his life.

“When you win the lottery, the euphoria is through the roof, it’s one of the most potentially life-changing things,” he told FOX. Timothy Schultz made all that money at just 21 years old.

The then winner indicated that everything changes quickly when he is the winner, because he did not hesitate to say that “one minute you have a life and the next, your world is turned upside down.” Schultz added that “the euphoria is real, but it eventually subsides.”

Timothy was honest that money can help relieve financial stress, create opportunity and provide time, but felt that despite this, “money doesn’t change who you are as a person. If you weren’t happy before, you could be later.”

In this sense, he considered that there are very rich people all over the world, but regardless of their economic status, “they are extremely unhappy, money can be positive, but it does not necessarily solve all problems,” he said.

On the other hand, having won those millions had an impact on Schultz recognizing that he became someone suspicious of those around him, this had to do with the fact that he received a large volume of letters from people who asked him for money.

“It was hard to trust new people, who didn’t like me for the wrong reasons. It seemed like some people saw me as a walking, talking ATM.”

Timothy Schultz said that after being clear that people are with him because of who he is and it’s okay, it was easier for him to live, that’s why 23 years after he won the lottery he assures that money is a means but it does not solve all things in life .

For this reason, today he is dedicated to telling his experience on his YouTube channel where he talks with other lottery winners, who narrate his story and how having money has changed their lives, topics that he shares with him. interested public.

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