Although acne is considered “a skin disorder”, its appearance does not exempt anyone, however, some pimples on the face can cause discomfort and affect mood.

According to the Mayo Clinic , this skin condition is due to the fact that the hair follicles “become covered with oil and dead skin cells”, which produces the well-known “pimples” or whiteheads, “pimples” or blackheads, among others.

To combat acne that appears on the face in most adolescents, there are a variety of remedies that can solve it , but it is recommended before doing them, consult a dermatologist, and see if you are allergic to any ingredient they have these natural mixtures.

Pimples or acne are most often seen on the face, chest, and back, which can be seen by the appearance of whiteheads, large bumps, blackheads, or painful bumps. It is important to understand that acne can be aggravated and worsened as the case may be.

Meanwhile, the research institution notes that some people are more likely to deal with the scarring left by pimples and the pits they produce.

Who is more prone to acne?

As mentioned, the majority of adolescents can suffer from acne, however, women, prior to their menstruation, can also observe the appearance of whiteheads that tend to disappear.

It should be clarified that in some acne treatments, contraceptives are the medications that counteract them. Likewise, the American entity explains that if an older adult frequently notices pimples on her face, he should consult a doctor.

Therefore, the people who are most vulnerable to acne are those who:

  • Family members, or exactly parents, have suffered from acne, so the chances of suffering from it increase.
  • Pressure with objects on the skin, whether mobile devices or helmets, among others.
  • Likewise, it is prudent to know what type of skin you have and which creams are the most suitable and safe, since some oils can stimulate the development of acne on the face.

Why does acne affect a teenager’s self-esteem?

There are several types of acne that appear or disappear over time, some faster than others, however, many of them leave marks on the face that can affect a person’s emotions.

Not only this, the appearance of acne can influence low self-esteem that can be accompanied by hormonal changes. The impact it has is such that it harms the quality and lifestyle of those who suffer from it.

For example, depression in adolescents can be defined as an emotional disorder, which has an “intense” feeling of sadness that is accompanied by hopelessness and frustration, along with mood swings, which influences the young person’s daily life.

Although this disorder can be caused by genetic, biological, hormonal and stressful factors, it is important to accompany those who may suffer from depression, because it can be a consequence of health conditions, anxiety or perhaps eating disorders.

eating disorders

It is important to go to a health professional, if some symptoms are noted that can not only be reduced in despair or anger, but also in negative thoughts such as suicide, difficulty falling asleep or weight gain and loss .

A doctor, psychologist or therapist will accompany the person or adolescent who is dealing with depression, who can provide various treatments or therapies, as the case may be.

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