How to feel good about yourself?

How to Feel Good About Yourself?

Low self-esteem can affect a person's quality of life.
Low self-esteem can affect a person's quality of life.

In order to feel good about yourself, it is important to identify all the habits, relationships, processes and stages in life that generate well-being and discomfort, because although it seems obvious, it is important to relate to people who not only vitalize the body but also the state of mind, including oneself.

Meanwhile, the Mayo Clinic explains the steps that must be taken into account in cognitive-behavioral therapy in order to raise self-esteem and feel good.

It should be remembered that low self-esteem can be preceded by different situations. Among them, health problems, family, social, among others.

The keys to feeling better, according to the Mayo Clinic

To begin with, the American entity indicates that the aspects or conditions that can trigger low self-esteem must be recognized, understood as the low value or self-esteem that a person has for himself.

Continuing, you should describe the situations that are considered problematic, whether with your partner or at work; likewise, face cycles that close and roles that are assumed in life.

Following this, it is necessary to recognize which are the thoughts that are associated with the situations already described that are considered conflictive, that is, what is that “internal dialogue” that can generate low self-esteem.

Likewise, it emphasizes that thoughts can be related according to beliefs that can have a positive, negative or perhaps neutral adjective. For what he recommends, question whether everything you think about yourself has a reasonable and true reason.

It should be noted that the thoughts you have may be perceptions that are not considered true of a situation, so it is recommended to analyze them considering the patterns and reasons why they wander in your mind.

Some Patterns of Negative Affirmations

  • Negative thoughts: with them, a person can only declare or perceive everything negative in a situation, and perhaps cause a stalemate in their path.
  • The self -rejection of the goals achieved, classifying them as insufficient.
  • Substituting feelings for facts, that is, a person can feel “failed” for what he concludes is “a failure”, a premise that is not true.

As mentioned, negative ideas remain in the mind of a person who has low self-esteem, so internally he self-sabotages every task he does or goal he wants to achieve, believing that he is not worthy of obtaining it.

But what to do to make a person feel good about himself?

However, the Mayo Clinic gives some keys that can help a person stop having low self-esteem and opt for self-love, among them are:

  • Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a process that all human beings need, since all kinds of mistakes are constantly made, and perfection is far away; so it is important to self-reconcile in order to move forward.
  • Hope: There is a popular adage that says: “Hope is the last thing you lose” , and in this way, it should be a flag in every season that is transited, be it good or bad. So in an internal or external dialogue, positive affirmations can help counteract low self-esteem.
  • Added to the foregoing is the non-demand , that although it is important to have a principle of improvement, this cannot become a torture for the fulfillment of a wish, that is, the self-demand can cause false expectations, so it must be evaluate thoughts that have words like “must” or “should”.
  • Finally, the first fan that a person should have is himself, without falling into narcissism, so it is important to cheer up and recognize each of the achievements, which can be accompanied with affirmations out loud.