How to create a corporate identity manual? – Examples

How to Create a Corporate Identity Manual?

Organizations must have a unique visual presence and good organizational changes , in order to differentiate themselves from others. Therefore, the creation of a corporate image is required , which represents different aspects of the brand. Here we will explain what this consists of, the categories that exist, how they are applied and how to create them. You must follow carefully our recommendations so that you have an excellent image of your company or business.

What types of corporate identity manuals are there?

Under current trends motivated by globalization, companies must have greater presence and visibility. Therefore, the corporate identity manual has taken on great importance for brands. This is because it gives it originality, since colors, typography, images and other similar elements are detailed . Which causes that there are two types of corporate identity and they are the following.

Brand site

On the one hand, there is the brand site, this refers to what is seen from a digital perspective . Here everything that concerns social networks, website design, among others, is kept reflected. In this sense, it is very useful to have a very good presence in said media through the image of the brand.

What the brand site does is sell the image, in such a way that anyone can distinguish it at a glance as the organizational structure . As a consequence, quality information is detailed on the most outstanding aspects of the organization .

printed manual

In addition, it is possible to have a guide. This would make the information more accurate. Therefore, what is sought here is to physically possess all the resources used in the manual. Also, that people (clients of the organization) can perceive the image of it in person.

What should a corporate identity manual contain?

There are some essential elements to take into account so that the manual can be made. At the beginning, it is necessary to give an introduction to the brand, showing the philosophy, tone, values ​​and personality . It is also required that you have a logo, with which the brand will be identified. This element must be very well designed, including colors, style and other factors of the organization.

For its part, the nuances will be a key aspect to stand out or make the difference between brands. There you choose the tone and discover how they can be replicated for digital or printed illustrations. Take into consideration the icons and other prints to use, following the same range of tones and style.

It also includes the peculiar way in which the photographs are taken, the aspect of the edition and if you are going to treat specific colors. All this has to be counted in order to have greater uniformity and presence on networks or physically. On the other hand, the typeface you choose tries to have the personality of the brand, it has symmetry, distance and other necessary conditions.

How to prepare a corporate identity manual step by step?

The procedure for a guide of this magnitude is very simple. We will explain to you how you can get your brand to have one, either from the Illustrator or Canva program . Pay attention to what we will tell you, especially the details so that it looks excellent on you.

Creation in Illustrator

Before starting, you must be very clear about the philosophy, values ​​and tone of the brand. After that, open the tool on your device and you can create the logo that describes the company from scratch. Try to make it something attractive to the eye , that concentrates the ideals of your business and represents it as such. Play with the shapes and other elements to do this, but also leave a margin space on the page.

When you already have the logo defined, you should start looking for the right colors or the ones that are closest to your business idea. In addition, to explore the palette of nuances that the program brings, if you like it that way. It also looks for alternative combinations on the internet and just copies the codes. This is how I grab you, in Illustrator.

After this, it is necessary to choose a font , with which you can choose between those that the platform has or download one. This step is very important because they will be the font types you use for all media. Finally, set a standard system with which the photos will be edited right there and that’s it.

Using Canvas

As a graphic design tool, this work can be given to you in a much simpler way, since more options are provided, even color gradients. Start with your logo design first, where you can even select a template and modify it . There everything you find will be possible to customize and more if it is the Premium version of it.

For its part, to choose the colors, go to the Canva website that allows you to choose from the palette it presents. There you select the one you consider most appropriate or, it is very possible that you look for the precise tones on the web . As for the font, you can only select the ones that appear there, since you cannot download others.

Identity manual templates to get ideas

If you are new to design and don’t know where to start to create your corporate identity image, then seek help. For this, there are different platforms available on the Internet that will serve as a guide. It also reviews very popular brands so that you can orient yourself much better and understand this more.