5 surprising ways you can use petroleum jelly in your beauty routine

5 surprising ways you can use petroleum jelly in your beauty routine

Vaseline is far too little used in our beauty routine. The miracle cream is very versatile! We introduce you to the best hacks that you probably didn’t know yet.

Vaseline is a must in every beauty cupboard. Even our grandparents swore by the rich fat cream, because it is the savior in an emergency with chapped lips and dry skin. But did you know that the miracle cream can do so much more? We show you five handy petroleum jelly beauty hacks that you should definitely know.

Here’s how to use Vaseline in your beauty routine

1. Vaseline makes perfume last longer

I’m sure you know that too: You put on your favorite perfume in the morning and after just a few hours the scent is gone again. To prevent this, there is a simple trick. Put some petroleum jelly on the area where you will apply your perfume. Because of the greasy base, the fragrance molecules last longer on the skin.

2. Vaseline helps against split ends

To give dry hair ends more moisture, you can treat them to a Vaseline treatment from time to time. Rub the petroleum jelly between your hands, apply to the ends and leave the cream on for about an hour. The fat cream covers the hair like a protective film and makes it supple again. However, make sure to use a small amount.

3. Vaseline makes manicure easier

When painting nails, it’s easy to paint beyond our fingernails. The solution: Brush the skin around the nail with a little Vaseline before the manicure. With this trick, no nail polish sticks to the skin and the cuticles are moisturized at the same time. win-win situation!

4. Vaseline shapes the eyebrows

Our eyebrows also benefit from Vaseline. With the fat cream, they can be shaped and cared for at the same time. Put some petroleum jelly on your eyebrow brush and run it through your eyebrows. This ensures a super natural look!

5. Vaseline is a natural highlighter

Vaseline gives your skin a natural glow – without any shimmer or glitter particles, which can quickly become too much. Dab a little of the cream onto your finished makeup . Accentuate your upper cheekbones, browbones and heart of the lips for a sun-kissed glow.