Yulen Pereira It has become the latest surprise that the competitors of survivors. He arrived by boat in Cabeza de León where he found Asraf Beno. They kissed as if they were friends for life. After the relevant greetings and some comments on the contest food, the boyfriend of A Pantoja I asked him Anabel Pantoja.

“That’s what I have to tell you, we are not together anymore but everything is fine. We’re fine, she’s fine, I’m fine, but we haven’t been together for about a month. But don’t worry, everything is fine,” he told Asraf who was left in shock.

goosebumpsAsraf said. “Calm down, she’s fine, I’m fine. I will also tell Arelys, but that’s all, “he assured, hugging Asraf who assured him that” the important thing is to be well. The truth is that I remember a lot of this New Year’s Eve, what a great time we had. you left me square”.

Yulen kept repeating that everything was fine on the outside and calm, trying to ease Asraf’s regret that he had to keep competing and the least he needed was more worries. “I’m sorry because I saw you very well, you got along very well, you were very excited And suddenly that you tell me that, that I did not lie to you, my skin stood up, ”he insisted.

rachel arias I told him that just the day before Arelys he had told her everything about their relationship. So, Yulen traveled to Cayo Paloma to find her mother and tell her the news of her life.

Mother and son

A moving reunion, with many tears. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I needed it, It’s my life, the only thing I havesaid an excited Arelys who didn’t miss how good her son smelled. And she was calm knowing that fencing was going better than expected.

Ion Aramendi I asked her if she had already found out and before Anabel broached the subject, Yulen had already come forward. “There is only one thing wrong, but calm down, let it not affect you in the contest, Anabel and I are no longer together, but that’s okay. I’m fine, she’s fine, we’re all fine, it all ended well. You have to focus on that,” his son told him.

She wanted to know if everything was calm and if they ended well and Yulen clarified that they were. “He gives me news that I understand that Spain knows and I just found out and I’m really sorry, it hurts a lot, although people think otherwise, but it hurts. I already understand that my son is going to give me his explanations and I can talk to Anabel, but it hurts me to have to listen to this here,” he told Ion.

You will have to wait until the end of your contest to find out more.

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