The Youth Cultural Bonus 2023 continues to consist of a scholarship of 400 euros for people who reach the age of 18

Are you about to turn 18? Have you heard of the Youth Cultural Bonus And you don’t know what this measure promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports consists of? Be careful, because I will explain to you what the Youth Cultural Bonus iswhat are its requirements and why it is such an interesting action for today’s young people.

Culture is one of the most important economic sectors of any country, and the Spanish government has wanted to encourage its consumption with this direct help that will reach anyone who is about to turn 18 (or has just turned 18). Now, can every young person of this age be a beneficiary? Or are there specific financial requirements?

What is the Youth Cultural Bonus?

The Youth Cultural Bonus is a direct aid of 400 euros which is granted to those who will be 18 years old throughout the year 2023. The objective is that they acquire and appreciate cultural products and activities. According to the Spanish government, it is “an invitation to enter adulthood hand in hand with culture”.

How can I spend the Youth Cultural Bonus?

One of the conditions of the Youth Cultural Bonus is that your amount, 400 euros, must be spent in three different sectors or sections. In this way, you will not be able to use the Youth Cultural Bonus to spend it entirely on films, festivals or video games. Attentive:

  • 200 euros go to performing arts (concerts, festivals, theatres), cultural heritage and audiovisual arts. Museums, libraries, exhibitions or cinemas included.
  • 100 euros can be used for cultural products in physical form: DVD, video games, CD, Blu-Ray, books…
  • An additional 100 euros is for digital or online consumption. That is to say subscriptions to streaming platforms, the purchase of digital books, etc.

Conditions and how to apply for the Youth Cultural Bonus in 2023

The only requirement is that you are 18 in 2023. In other words, there is no economic condition. And there is several ways to apply for the Youth Cultural Bonus in 2023:

  • In person (half). Go to the Youth Cultural Bonus website and select the option to apply for this aid directly via the Post Office with a form. It will be presented at your nearest post office.
  • On line. Provided you have a Digital Certificate (over 18) or Cl@ve. If you have not reached this age, there is a pre-registration.

In summary, you are about to take advantage of 400 euros to consume culture, a measure much applauded by the sector and which encourages it.

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