Two people are in custody and among those who were shot are a 26-year-old and a 15-year-old minor, one of the two has already died.

“We always come here to do our shopping … imagine that all this is cordoned off” say the people who arrived this Sunday night at a Hialeah shopping center where there was a violent scene with shots in between.

An active scene where two cars and several investigators were seen looking for evidence. “We are very astonished because this is the community of us,” some argue.

This is what those who came tonight to buy their purchases at the shopping plaza located at the intersection of 18th Avenue and 37th Street, in west Hialeah, found.

“When we entered we heard some very loud noises and I don’t know … we were wondering what would have happened … all very suspicious, but we didn’t actually see anything,” say those who were in the place. 

According to preliminary information, it was a shootout between several people. A video shows the moment of the arrest of at least two individuals. Investigators have said that it involves a man and a woman who remain in custody.

But two other people were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, including a 26-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the chest; and a minor of 15, with injuries in an arm and a leg. One of them has been confirmed dead, but authorities have not revealed which of the two it was. 

“When we arrived we saw all this like this but we never imagined that someone had died,” said one of the witnesses at the scene tonight.

“It scares anyone, one comes here and it can happen to anyone,” said other people. And the thing that scares them the most is that the shooting happened in a place that is usually very crowded.

According to the police, they are not looking for any more suspects. The causes of the shooting are unknown. 

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